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When you want news, information or even trivia from the world of beauty, escapemb.com should be your first option. Our blog spot is dedicated exclusively to this niche and we bring to our readers the best from this sector.

One of the fastest developing industries today is the medical aesthetics sector where technological innovations and inventions are a routine affair. Take the case of equipment for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments. The world is shifting from IPL based devices to advanced laser based machines with both having their pros and cons. Our blog site is a platform that invites write-ups from people in the know in this regard. Only then can our readers get authentic and credible information on this subject.

Our blog site is also a forum where writers can share their experience in various fields of beauty treatments and matters pertaining to salons and spas.

A few examples will help them get their bearings right.

If you have been through beauty treatments such as skin rejuvenation or microdermabrasion or tattoo removal, do write in and walk our readers through your experiences. Was it painful, what were the methods adopted by dermatologists to ease the pain, what would you advice those wanting to go through the same treatments? These are some of the questions that only you can answer from your first-hand experience.

Again, if you are an owner of a salon and spa and have gone through a lot of challenges to set it up, write about it so that aspiring owners can know of the right path to take for growth and development of their business.

Finally, how about some tips on homemade beauty treatments? There are many that can replace those creams on super market shelves and are equally effective.

All these are simply suggestions. We welcome any blog so long as it is related to the beauty niche.