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How to Grow your Salon Business

The beauty industry today is fiercely competitive with a host of players jostling for a piece of the market pie. There is no space for mediocrity here, to be truly successful you have to think out of the box, introduce new schemes and innovations and be a step ahead of the competition always. You have to devise strategies that will be in line with the long term goals of your business and ensure that you maximise customer satisfaction.

The last factor is very important in the beauty industry. Like any service-centric sectors, you cannot have a standardised solution on the best level of customer service. What you do depends on a host of variables – client mix, average age of customers and location of your salon and spa. Based on these, you have to structure plans that will give you maximum returns and help your salon grow quickly to achieve high turnover and profitability.

Here are a few pointers that you can try to reach quick growth.

  • Focus on client retention – It is not necessary that new clients will only give you incremental business. In fact, your marketing strategies should focus on your existing clients who already form the core of your business. A satisfied customer will be your patron for life and word of mouth recommendations by them will bring in more business without you having to do a thing.

Always try to improve on the benchmarks of excellence that you have set and aim to increase spend per customer per visit. If your patron is satisfied with haircut services, gently push for colouring too. Offer discounts if necessary. If you have managed to impress that customer, you can be sure that at the time of next visit, he/she will order for the full haircut and colouring package at full rates. This is one way to increase business quickly and reach high growth.

  • Increase the services offered – Innovation and upgrading services and equipment is the hallmark of a well running business and the salon and spa industry is no exception. You have to constantly bring in new products and add to your existing ones. Not only will your quality of service improve, turnaround times will be quicker too leading to more number of clients and growth.

However, a word of caution here – make additional purchases only after you have thoroughly analysed your needs. There is no point in blocking capital if the equipment is not used to the maximum capacity.

  • Choose a niche – It is the age of specialisation and you should also keep up with this trend. Normal run of the mill services are what your competitors are offering too so you have to work things out differently to reach exponential growth levels. For example, apart from routine haircuts, manicures and pedicures, opt to include skin rejuvenation treatments also. Such specialised services will draw in additional customers who will develop a loyalty for your salon and spa. There are a whole lot of choices for you – Laser and IPL permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation processes or microdermabrasion treatments for the skin.

If you can create a niche for yourself, there will be no dearth of patrons at your salon and spa.

Follow these simple steps and you should find the growth curve of your beauty salon and spa climb steeply north.

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