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Salon Business – Advice & Expert Insights

Salon business today is severely competitive. If you rely on traditional and conventional methods of running your salon, you’ll be left far behind in the race. Constant innovation and implementing out-of-the-box ideas are aspects that all salon owners should focus on. And if you really have to fill up your appointments sheet every day, here are some insights that you will do well to follow.

  • Hire expert staff – Optimised customer care is the very foundation of salon business and expert and professional service is on top of the list. Do not compromise on this issue even if top talent comes at a price. You can be sure that that a satisfied client will be a live publicity agent for you and word of mouth messages praising services offered at your salon will spread faster than any advertising campaigns. Good and expert staff offering top of the line services combined with a satisfied customer can work wonders for your business.

  • Increase profitability – There are two ways that you can do so. The first is by investing heavily in expansion of business or opening new centres and the second is by working within your existing setup. Since the first is obvious, the second option will be dealt with in some detail here. To increase your turnover and profits, focus on increasing per customer business. One of the best ways to do so is to convince them of trying additional services in the same sitting.

For example, if a patron has booked for a facial offer another service like a haircut or a pedicure at vastly discounted prices. If you can fully please the customer, you can be sure that in the next booking this extra service will be availed of but then at full rates. This automatically enhances your income per booking.

  • Use advanced technologies – Get a cutting edge advantage by providing services that are not very common and not offered by all clinics in general. Install equipment based on advanced technologies such as hair removal IPL machines and those meant for skin rejuvenation IPL laser machine, microdermabrasion and tattoo removal. Get the best that money can buy. Universal Medical Aesthetics are leading importers and distributors in Australia of the finest devices, sourced from leading manufacturers from around the world. You can call them for a free consultation to know about the machines that can optimise such services at your salon and spa. Most crucially, hire trained personnel to handle them.

  • Have a pleasing environment – Services at a beauty salon and spa should be provided in a pleasing and relaxing environment. Ensure that you have this type of setting at your clinic. There should also be an element of privacy for individual patrons. Keep adequate space between work cubicles even if that means reduced number of clients that can be attended to at a time.

  • Buy functional furniture – Minimise as much as possible, client movement within the clinic. This allows your patron to sit back and have comprehensive services at one spot. For example buy salon chairs that have provision for clipping on an attachment near the shoulders that will help in head washes after a regular haircut. This helps to avoid moving the patron from chair to chair for different services.

The main point being made here is that the more you can make the customer feel at ease and the more exclusive services that you can offer, the better will be the growth and development of your salon.

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