Medical Aesthetics Devices

Skin Treatments with Medical Aesthetics Devices

Modern high tech medical aesthetic devices have changed the face of beauty care and treatments around the world. Procedures that required invasive surgeries and prolonged downtime are today completely quickly and effectively and patients can resume their normal routines immediately after. Most importantly, modern beauty care is painless and without any side effects.

One of the main areas of treatment with technologically advanced equipment is permanent hair removal. Waxing, shavers and epilators are no more relevant in today’s world, more so because permanent hair removal is affordable and within reach of the common man. Moreover, this is largely a permanent solution and leads to savings in costs. Think of the number of shavers or jars of waxing cream that have to be never bought again after going through a process of permanent hair removal at any leading salon and spa.

When reputed and large salon owners buy IPL hair removal machine quality of service to clients is assured. Here is how such equipment works. Beams of laser light are directed at the area under treatment. These enter the epidermis and are absorbed by melanin present at the root of the hair. (Melanin is the element responsible for colour of hair). Light energy destroys the hair follicle and thus future growth is prevented. Laser beams act only on growing hair and hence the complete treatment is spread out over a number of sessions at monthly intervals.

Even though this form of treatment is safe without any apparent side-effects, it is recommended that only world class machines be used for safety of patients. For more information visit, a company that imports and distributors the most advanced cutting edge beauty care IPL laser based machines in Australia.

Another area where these machines are very effective is skin rejuvenation treatments. This includes –

  • Skin freshening processes like removal of fine lines and wrinkles as well as freckles and birth marks
  • Eliminating acne marks and coffee spots
  • Treatment of all types of pigmented and vascular lesions
  • Microdermabrasion which is a skin rejuvenation and freshening process. Beams of light gently “sandpaper” the surface of the skin, thereby removing dead and old skin cells. This leads to increased production of collagen which gives the skin a taught and fresh look. This process is painless. A slight twinge may be felt during treatment but this is taken care of by dermatologists with anaesthetic gel or passing cold air over the skin surface.

Apart from permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation processes, IPL laser machines are also used in a variety of beauty care processes including tattoo removal.

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